Volunteer Work Days for Habitat Restoration

MAS relies on volunteers for improving local habitats. Currently we have two active restoration sites, Triangle Marsh in Corte Madera and Bahia in Novato. Volunteers assist with planting local native plants some of which we grow in small nursery beds, and help us in the control of invasive non-native plants, a process that is essential to the survival of the new natives.

For helping with restorations and other volunteer opportunities please contact our .

Habitat Stewardship Triangle Marsh
Host: Bob Hinz, email: rbrthnz@comcast.net, phone: 415-383-8688
Start Date: Sunday, November 5, 2017
Start Time: 10:00 AM
End Time: 1:00 PM
Description: The survival of last year's plantings seems to be reasonable with the help of early and abundant rains. The plant world is pretty quiet. Pacific aster is still blooming. Coyotebrush is flowering. Toyon fruits are showing some red color. Grindelia is winding up its blooming period. Salsola soda (various names including oppositeleaf Russian thistle, opposite-leaved saltwort, and, for the Italian gourmet, agretti) is an annual that has not yet produced mature seeds (see photo below). Its seeds float and spread readily. At Triangle it is much more abundant now than a few years ago. We can still cut deeply into seed production for the year. It pulls quite easily. We have the tools, gloves and snacks. We generally work until about 1 PM, but even an hour is valuable help. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend. Meet at 10 AM on Paradise Drive directly across from the main Ring Mountain trailhead.

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