If you have ever participated in any stage of wetland restoration work in Marin County, you have surely met the one and only Barbara Salzman!  Barbara has been working in the field of conservation and advocating on behalf of wetlands and habitats threatened by development and other stressors since the late 1970’s.

Barbara is a legend who belongs in a class of great women with the likes of Sylvia McLaughlin, Kay Kerr and Ester Gulick, the three pioneers known for helping to save San Francisco Bay.  She has also been instrumental to the SFBJV, serving on our Management Board since it first came together in 1996.  Barbara is rivaled by only one other amazing and seasoned bird advocate – Arthur Feinstein, in her tenure and reliability.  She has likely participated in more working committee and wetland related stakeholder meetings than anyone in the Bay Area.  And who but Barbara will review every page of an EIR and then speak up about what she does or doesn’t like to the right person?  Whether she is taking decision makers out on tours, in the field pulling weeds, or being a voice for birds and their habitat, we all know we can count on Barbara.  On behalf of the entire SFBJV community we want to extend a standing ovation in her honor!  Thank you Barbara for all you do and for being you! 
We have more tidbits on Barbara, including some of the many awards she has won and all the projects she has worked on (without ever charging a cent for her time) here on the partner page of our website.