Corte Madera Ecological Reserve (CMER) Expansion Monitoring Report Year 1 (2019) [10 MB PDF]

Year 10 (2016) Monitoring Report Petaluma Marsh Expansion Project

Tiscornia Marsh Habitat Restoration and Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project

Petaluma Marsh Expansion Project, Year 10 (2016) Monitoring Report [7 MB PDF]

The Birds’ Side of Marin 2013 Yearly Retrospective [4 MB PDF]
Contents Include: January: Nature’s Flying Jewels, February: Bird Migration, March: Klick! Klack! Klick!, April: Mockingbirds, Virtuoso Songsters, May: Seeing Great Blue Herons, June: The Rookery in Santa Rosa, July: Red-winged Blackbirds at my Feeders, August: Encounter with a Butterfly, September: California Quails, October: Cattle Egrets, Explorers and Colonizers, November: Sandhill Cranes, December: Hummers and Orchids.

Community Marin: A Vision For Marin County [8.5 MB PDF]
Policy recommendations for land use planning by Marin Audubon Society, Marin Baylands Advocates, Marin Conservation League, Sierra Club-Marin Group, Salmon Protection and Watershed Network, San Geronimo Valley Planning Group. January 2013.

Ecological Connections between Baylands and Uplands: Examples from Marin County A Report to the Marin Audubon Society, Marin Conservation League, Marin Baylands Advocates, Sierra Club [3.9 MB PDF]

Vegetation Management in Terrestrial Edges of Tidal Marshes, Western San Francisco Estuary, California 
Integrated Vegetation Management Strategies and Practical Guidelines for Local Stewardship Programs. Prepared by Peter R. Baye, Ph.D. Coastal Plant Ecologist Prepared for: Marin Audubon Society, Mill Valley, California (Barbara Salzman, Project Manager) with funding provided by San Francisco Bay Joint Venture.

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