Junior Birdwatchers

Welcome to the Junior Birdwatching Certification Program of the Marin Audubon Society!

In this program you can learn about native birds found in your local San Francisco Bay area neighborhood.

Birds! Of all wildlife, birds are the most abundant and easily seen. Their beauty, song, and ability to fly provide a magical connection to nature, helping our souls to soar about the increasingly developed landscape. Many of us spend more time inside watching television than being outside playing and enjoying the outdoors. Wherever you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, even in a large city like San Francisco, you can watch birds!

How does this webpage help you learn about birds?

For each level, you will need to learn about specific birds in order to receive your certification as a Junior Birdwatcher at that level. There are pictures and information about each bird within each level. 

After studying the birds listed for your study level, you can take a practice test when you think you have learned about the birds on the list and how to identify them. Fill out the information found on the practice test page. Then take the test by writing down the bird’s name in the space by each picture. (If the student is too young to write the name in themselves, their supervising adult, with no coaching on the identification, can write down the name the child tells them). Please make sure to write the bird’s name exactly how you see it in your study guide. 

Do not take the practice test until you know the birds very well so you know you can do your very best! Send your completed practice test via email to Lelia Lanctot (Marin Audubon Secretary) at: .

An Audubon naturalist will check your test. The naturalist will contact you. Be ready to tell the naturalist one thing you learned about each of the birds you learned to identify.  There is information about each bird on the Jr. Birdwatchers webpage.

You will receive a Junior Birdwatcher Certificate for your level. If you wish, your school will be a sent a notice of your achievement.  

Now you are ready to start. Just click on the study guide and let the bird watching fun begin!